Let Your Personality Shine Through With Unusual, Statement Eyewear Choices

There's never been more choice of eyewear styles than there is right now. Once upon a time, glasses were merely a practical device – something to help you see and little more than that. As people became more aware of the fashionable potential they had, however, an increasing number of options appeared and even big-name designers started to produce frames. Even with so much potential, most people choose to play it safe and wear glasses in a plain colour and a shape and size that suit their face.

Dilating Eye Drops for Your Child: What You Need to Know

Paediatric eye care is crucial to the overall health of your kid. Children may not often realise they have an eye problem because they think it's the same vision for everyone else. This makes it extremely important for eye exams to start as early as possible. Most kids tend to be nervous about a visit to the optometrist probably because they think it's scary. As a parent, your role in preparing your little one for their first eye test is fundamental.

Eye Eye, Doctor: Three Problems to Discuss with your Optometrist

For many people, visiting the optometrist is just about having your eyes tested for the correct prescription. Either you need new glasses or you don't, and that's the end of it. In reality, however, optometrists do far more than help you to achieve good, sharp vision. They're also responsible for monitoring the overall health of your eyes, and keeping track of potential problems that you may run into — especially as you age.

Acing that eye exam

If you're a high achiever, you might feel unsettled by the idea of an eye exam, wondering just what your optometrist will do, and how to get a great score. Relax, having your eyes examined is a painless process that will ensure you get the right prescription for your unique eyes. Best of all, this is one test you can't possibly fail. Still worried? Here it is - your eye exam cheat sheet.

Helpful Hints for Immediately After Your Cataract Surgery

When your cataract surgery has been scheduled, you'll need to start preparing for life immediately following the surgery. Though any arrangements that need to be made are relatively minor, it's important to do so in order to optimise your recovery. So what are some of the things you need to consider? Getting Home Remember that you will need somebody to bring you home after your cataract surgery. Public transport is generally unsuitable without an escort.