Let Your Personality Shine Through With Unusual, Statement Eyewear Choices

There's never been more choice of eyewear styles than there is right now. Once upon a time, glasses were merely a practical device – something to help you see and little more than that. As people became more aware of the fashionable potential they had, however, an increasing number of options appeared and even big-name designers started to produce frames.

Even with so much potential, most people choose to play it safe and wear glasses in a plain colour and a shape and size that suit their face. If you want to experiment with your style, however, your glasses can really make a difference. Here are some ways to create a bold statement with your choice of eyewear.

Get colourful

One of the most striking ways to make your glasses to stand out is to pick an unusual colour. With most glasses being fairly neutral, this immediately gets you noticed. The colour doesn't necessarily have to be a bright shade, as it will still look decidedly different. If you do go bright, however, it will definitely be a unique look.

Bear in mind with colourful frames that they might not match all of your clothing, so you might want to consider getting more than one pair. Then again, perhaps clashing colours is exactly the effect you're going for.

Break the rules

There are certain guidelines about which frames suit face shapes, but feel free to play with them and try something not normally recommended. You might like the end result.

Alternatively, go for some really big, oversized frames and disregard what anyone else says about what sizes you should stick to. It's an unusual look but one that can really work for certain people, so don't be afraid to give it a go if it suits your personality.

Go retro

Classic frames in materials like tortoiseshell – which is imitation nowadays, thankfully – stand out as being from a time past. They still look great today, especially if your personal style has vintage influences to it. Consider retro frame shapes like the classic cat-eye style, too, if you want to achieve a vintage look.

Consider a pattern

If unusual colours, shapes and sizes aren't for you, you can still stand out in a more subtle way by using patterned frames. This gives you the benefits of more conventional glasses, which may be a requirement for work, but adds a unique element that can let you express yourself more strongly by using your eyewear.