Helpful Hints for Immediately After Your Cataract Surgery

When your cataract surgery has been scheduled, you'll need to start preparing for life immediately following the surgery. Though any arrangements that need to be made are relatively minor, it's important to do so in order to optimise your recovery. So what are some of the things you need to consider?

Getting Home

Remember that you will need somebody to bring you home after your cataract surgery. Public transport is generally unsuitable without an escort. A friend or family member needs to accompany you for extra safety, though if they do not have their own transport, they can escort you in a taxi or uber. Ask for them to bring a pair of your sunglasses with them, otherwise your doctor should be able to provide you with eye protection.

Your First Look in the Mirror

Don't be alarmed by your first glimpse in the mirror immediately after your surgery. Your eyes can be puffy and bloodshot (courtesy of inflamed blood vessels within the eye). If any anaesthetic was injected into the soft tissue around your eye, this site might also take on an alarming appearance, something akin to having been struck in the eye, or even having received cosmetic surgery. Don't fret, as this aftermath will quickly heal itself.

Aftercare Instructions

You must stringently follow all aftercare instructions issued by your doctor. Perhaps the most problematic is to administer any medicated eye drops that have been prescribed. Your eye can be understandably tender after cataract surgery, so applying eye drops can feel slightly uncomfortable. It's crucial to soldier on, though any severe discomfort should be reported to your doctor.

Assistance Required

While cataract surgery might seem minor when compared to other forms of surgery, you still need some assistance during the recovery phase. It's important to avoid any kind of physical activity that risks injuring your eye. This means that exercise is unwise (ask your doctor about the timeframe for returning to exercise and whether it needs to be a gradual return in terms of intensity). You will also need help cleaning your home, as this activity can strain your healing eye. Ask a friend or family member to help, and it can also be a good idea to give your home a thorough cleaning before your surgery. It's critical that as much dust as possible is removed from your home. An intensive sneeze can aggravate your eye, putting a sudden burst of pressure on it.

There will be a brief period of adjustment after your cataract surgery, but the keyword is brief. Your vision will quickly return to normal, but it's a very good idea to have a friend or family member available to help so your return to normality can be as smooth as possible.